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"You guys play the music I would have stocked the jukebox with."

"This band plays the music I want to hear but the other bands just don't do."



Last update 12/11/2017

About Us

The members of Vintage Voltage have individually performed in many musical venues before we found each other here in the Grand Valley. Between all of us, we have covered the gamut, from country music to classical music, rap to Broadway musicals. We now combine our talents to bring you our driving brand of classic rock.
Nothing satisfies the band as much as playing the music of one particular era.  It was music that was happening when we each decided we wanted to be musicians.  Whether it is the rhythm or the melody, the music of the 60’s through the 90’s seems to capture the best of both.  Sit back and listen to our band or get up and dance.  Either way, you will have an enjoyable trip back to this vintage season in American and British music history.

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Our set up is scalable for anything from a 400 square foot room, to large halls (example: 10,000 square feet), to medium sized outdoor venues attracting up to 2000 people. We can provide an appropriate selection of recorded music during intermission.